About Us

We are the leader of the chauffeur and protection services industry. With over 10 yrs as chauffeur experience and 20 yrs in the executive protection circuit.

Our Vision

Our vision is to excel as the largest armed chauffeur service in Atlanta. We care about what matters to you the most, your family, colleagues & your loved ones. So our vision is your vision!! A safe departure and return for your loved ones. Protecting what matters most…

Our Mission

To protect what matters most… We want out clients to be safe knowing they are protected by the most professional executives in Atlanta. That each day will be a successful day.

Our Goals

Everything we do is inspired by our mission, values, and vision.

Legacy Executive Services is a licensed and bonded Incorporation. Each chauffeur has been given a federal background check. Our executive protection officers are certified in armored security and private investigation as well GA state and federal background checks. Legacy Executive Services will  be professional and efficient, we will follow the laws that are set by Georgia State that bond us executive protection agents.


Hey! just relax we are here to protect you!